Joining Forces

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Joining Forces

We created the  NGO ALLIANCE on Global Concerns and Values because we recognized a very real need for more bridge-building between NGOs. Accredited NGOs can listen and give a voice to relevant  thematic and substantive issues many civil society and non-governmental organisations  are engaged in. In an increasingly globalised world the problems facing us everywhere are often caused by a breakdown of global systems with localised effects and needing local solutions.  Like you, we too,  were unsure about where or how to start working with the United Nations and all its affiliated agencies.

It took many of us years to find our way around, frequently feeling frustrated and anxious with a wish for friendly, uncritical guidance that would enable us to immediately put our passion and expertise to good use.

Eventually, we recognized that the various UN offices in New York, Geneva and Vienna operate in different ways, have different institutional cultures and offer diverse opportunities for NGO participation. Not only that, their objectives, giving the illusion of overlap, are actually often diverse and changing.

Because of past frustrations and countless meetings listening to NGOs expressing similar encounters with the complex architecture of the UN system, we became convinced of the need for targeted assistance to NGOs to help them integrate quickly and effectively into the UN of Geneva. The work of civil society in Geneva is inherently expensive but it should and can be cost effective.

We also realised that there was a need for NGOs to be able to come together and collaborate on thematic and substantive issues and for this reason we facilitate and support the creation of NGO Forums that will enable the sharing and coordination of NGO expertise and engagement to more  efficiently contribute to more specific areas of United Nations’ work.

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