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Welcome! The “NGO ALLIANCE ON GLOBAL CONCERNS AND VALUES”  is a non-profit membership association that welcomes UN accredited NGOs with special competences whose work is related to one or more areas of the work of the United Nations and who wish to  be more efficiently engaged through dynamic dialogue , consultations and collaborations on thematic and substantive issues with other organisations working with similar mandates.

Our NGO Forums on specific themes provide enhanced opportunities for NGO participation where the sharing of information and the pooling of expertise maximises NGO contributions and networking but with significant and important multiplier effects at the level of NGO outreach to civil society at large.

Many NGOs contributing to areas of the work of the United Nations are either accredited with a UN Agency or are not accredited with the UN at all but their work and contributions are of great value to those NGOs who have accreditation. In a globalised world with efficient communication technologies, many NGOs today offer expertise to or collaborate and consult with NGO Networks that address  specific issues, e.g. on climate change.

While NGOs of a network might attend e.g. a Conference of the Parties (COP) Session in Asia, other NGOs working with that same NGO Network might be attending the Human Rights Council in Geneva.  The sharing of real time information and the willingness to collaborate and contribute  competences enhances NGO efficiency on all levels.

The NGO ALLIANCE strongly encourages and supports efficient and expert collaboration among NGOs.  NGO Forums and its website offer NGOs insights on how such networking collaborations can be achieved. This complementarity in partnerships and of expertise, and the will to work together on complex issues is of greatest value and strengthens NGO outreach. Join us!

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