Membership Categories

as per the NGO ALLIANCE’s Statutes

1) The NGO ALLIANCE comprises:

  1. a) Full Member: NGO in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations, is a member in good standing, can join a NGO Forum, has a voting right;
  1. b) Associate Member: NGO aligned with the purposes of the NGO ALLIANCE, with competences working on thematic or substantive issues related to specific areas of work of the United Nations, is a member in good standing, can join a NGO Forum;
  1. c) Advisory Member: NGO or individual with specific thematic and substantive expertise. Can be suggested by a Full or Associated member or by the Board .
  1. d) Members with Observer status: NGO considering NGO ALLIANCE or NGO Forum membership or visiting NGOs.

2) Requests to become a member must be addressed to the Board. The Board admits new members and informs the General Assembly accordingly. Once approved, each member NGO will confirm in writing the person/s that will act as its representative/s

3) Associate, Advisory and Observer status members can not vote or take part in elections.


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